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Ace of Hearts

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On DVD January 14, 2021

A secret society of political malcontents is dedicated to the assasination of individuals they deem a threat to their plans. A deck of cards is dealt at their weekly meetings, and whomever draws the ace of hearts must commit murder - whether or not that puts their own life in danger. Forrest and Farralone are both in love with the society's sole female member, Lilith. When Forrest draws the ace of hearts, he is struck with fear. To embolden him, Lilith agrees to become his wife. After a night of passion, Lilith realizes she really does love Forrest, and begs him not to risk his life. They make plans to flee to another country - but they have forgotten the jealous Farralone, who wanted Lilith for himself. Their fate depends on whether he will help them escape to safety...or expose them as traitors to a secret organization who kill without compunction...

Lon Chaney's first film for Goldwyn Pictures, The Penalty (1920), had been a success. So it was decided that another of the novels written by The Penalty's author, Gouverneur Morris IV (the great-grandson of one of the Founding Fathers) would be Chaney's next starring role. The title from the original book was changed from The Purple Mask to The Ace of Hearts. Appearing again with Chaney would be John Bowers, his co-star in The Penalty. Bowers often made movies with his wife, Marguerite de la Motte, including Desire (1923), Flattery (1925) and Daughters Who Pay (1925). (Many believe their relationship to be the basis of A Star is Born.) Cast as the object of their affection is a young Leatrice Joy, who had only made appearances in one-reel silent comedies before this. Her performance in The Ace of Hearts caught the attention of legendary director Cecil B. DeMille, who was looking for a leading lady to replace Gloria Swanson. Leatrice would find great fame starring in DeMille's films Saturday Night and Manslaughter (both 1922), as well as for playing Mary in the director's first version of The Ten Commandments (1923). During this time she married "The Great Lover", John Gilbert. Director Wallace Worsley had previously made The Penalty with Chaney, and would make several more movies with him, his relationship with "The Man of a Thousand Faces" second only to Tod Browning. The most famous of these collaborations was the classic The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923).

Not Rated.

Released by Alpha Home Entertainment/Gotham. See more credits.