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Avail. Title Year
Jade Eyed Leopard DVD Jade Eyed Leopard 2021
George Lucas: An Unauthorized Tribute DVD George Lucas: An Unauthorized Tribute 2020
Agent Jade Black DVD Agent Jade Black 2019
Lucas Debargue: To Music 2019
The Jade Pendant

Mark Boone Junior
Godfrey Gao
Clara Lee
Russell Wong

Sportfishing: Marlin at the Gate Cabo San Lucas 2018
Vampires: Lucas Rising DVD Vampires: Lucas Rising 2016
Queztal De Jade 2015
Live 2 Tell: The Lucas Torres Story 2012
The People vs. George Lucas DVD The People vs. George Lucas

David Prowse
Tom Payne
Joe Nussbaum
Bill Plympton

The Jade Tiger 2011
Jade Warrior DVD Jade Warrior

Tommi Eronen
Markku Peltola
Jingchu Zhang
Krista Kosonen

Jade & The Pearl 2010
Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas

Antonio Sabato Jr.
Kostas Sommer
Kelly Curran
Nicolas Canel

Animals Rock with Lucas Miller: Volume 1 Monarchs Metamorphosis & More 2009
All The Right Moves / Lucas 2008
Jade Lo 2006
Street Fury: Jade 2005
Sexy World: Cabo San Lucas 2003
Jade Dagger Ninja 2003
El Mar De Lucas 2003
Green Jade Statuette 2002

David Caruso
Linda Fiorentino
Chazz Palminteri
Michael Biehn


Corey Haim
Kerri Green
Charlie Sheen
Courtney Thorne-Smith

18 Jade Arhats

Kung Chi-Ya
Hai Pei-Pei
Meng Yeuh

18 Jade Pearls

Shang Kuan
Ling Feng

Jade Claw

Billy Chong
Yu Saio Tin

Ebony, Ivory & Jade

Rosanne Katon
Colleen Camp
Sylvia Anderson

Lucas Tanner

David Hartman
Rosemary Murphy
Kathleen Quinlan
Ramon Bieri

All The Right Moves / Lucas / The Wrestler

Multi-Movie Set

Jade / Bless The Child

Multi-Movie Set

Superfly: The True, Untold Story of Frank Lucas - An American Gangster 2007
Moonlight Sword, Jade Lion / Bloody Fist 2006
The Jackie Chan Adventures-Astral Jade 2002
Ebony, Ivory And Jade

Bert Convy
Debbie Allen
Martha Smith

Moonlight Sword & Jade Lion

Mao Yin
So Chan Ping
Wong Do

Hardy Boys: Jade Kwan Yen 1977
Charlie Chan in The Jade Mask

Sidney Toler
Mantan Moreland
Edwin Luke

Charlie Jade: The Complete Series

Jeffrey Pierce
Patricia McKenzie
Tyrone Benskin
Danny Keogh

The Curse Of The Jade Scorpion

Woody Allen
Greg Stebner
Dan Aykroyd
Elizabeth Berkley

Charlie Chan in: The Secret Service / The Chinese Cat / The Jade Mask

Multi-Movie Set


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